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From 1st of January there are new regulations for staffing agencies in Norway. From this date all staffing agencies must be approved by the Labour Inspection Authority, and here we list up the requirements for being approved as a staffing agency.

Read about main tax consequences in Norway and coherent tax indicated consequences in home country in connection with activity in Norway performed by a foreign company.

A summary of the compliance demands a foreign construction company faces in Norway.

Compliance services are essential for international companies entering the Norwegian market. Navigate complex regulations, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth business setup with ECOVIS Norway.

Norway's thriving e-commerce landscape offers significant opportunities for businesses. This comprehensive guide by Ecovis and e-commerce expert Jørgen Svendgård provides valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the Norwegian market. From market research and business planning to legal requirements, website development, and marketing strategies, this guide covers all the essential steps for setting up an e-commerce business in Norway.