New regulations for staffing agencies in Norway

From 1st of January there are new regulations for staffing agencies in Norway. From this date all staffing agencies must be approved by the Labour Inspection Authority, and here we list up the requirements for being approved as a staffing agency.

New regulations for staffing agencies in Norway

Starting January 1, 2024, staffing agencies in Norway must adhere to new regulations set by the Labour Inspection Authority.

As of January 1, 2024, a mandatory authorization process replaces the previous registration scheme for staffing agencies. Even if you're already registered, you must apply for authorization from the Labour Inspection Authority to legally provide staffing services. All staffing agencies operating in Norway, small and large, have to apply to be licensed as an official staffing agency. The application itself is online, but there are numerous requirements that needs to be in place before the application can be completed.

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Here are some details about the new regulation:

Application Process

ECOVIS streamlines the application process, guiding you through each step. The new application form becomes became available in November 2022, and our services ensure a seamless transition for your staffing enterprise.

Existing Registration (Until December 31, 2023)

Until December 31, 2023, maintain your registration with the Labour Inspection Authority. ECOVIS expertise ensures compliance with current registration requirements during this transition period.

Illegal Operations Warning

Engaging staffing services from an unregistered enterprise is illegal. ECOVIS safeguards your compliance, minimizing legal risks and supporting a smooth transition to the new authorization scheme.

Key Regulatory Points:

  • Scope of Regulation: Applies to staffing agencies operating in Norway, excluding seafarer leasing.
  • Requirements for Staffing Agencies: Must be registered as a Norwegian limited or public limited company, or provide a bank or insurance guarantee equivalent to minimum share capital.
  • Staffing Agencies from Another EEA Country: Companies from other EEA countries meeting the requirements are considered compliant. A representative in Norway is necessary for foreign agencies without a local establishment.
  • Reporting Obligations: Agencies must notify the Labour Inspection Authority, providing company details, representative information, and documentation proving compliance.
  • Register of Staffing Agencies: A public register will be maintained by the Labour Inspection Authority, showcasing compliant staffing agencies.
  • Annual Confirmation: Registered agencies must confirm compliance by January 31st each year, with potential removal for non-compliance.
  • Information Duty: Agencies must provide necessary information for governmental control to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Fee: The Labour Inspection Authority may establish a fee covering registration expenses.
  • Hiring from Staffing Agencies: Hiring from registered agencies is allowed. The Labour Inspection Authority oversees compliance, issuing necessary orders and decisions.
  • Penalties: Violations of the regulation are punishable under the Norwegian Labor Market Act.

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