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RPC Acknowledges Ecovis for Two Years of Professional Payroll Support

Empowering the Energy Transition: RPC Commends Ecovis for Expert Payroll Assistance

In their mission to develop, construct, own, and operate renewable energy and storage projects across Europe, Renewable Power Capital (RPC) is spearheading a cleaner, greener future. Investing with a long-term ownership approach, RPC drives the energy transition, aiming for stable, risk-adjusted returns.

For the past two years, ECOVIS has played a crucial role in supporting RPC's operations by handling payroll tasks in Norway. As an international company, RPC relies on trusted partners for these critical functions. In this regard, Ecovis has consistently demonstrated professionalism, ensured timely delivery, and showcased expertise, making them an invaluable asset to RPC's global endeavors.

In their commitment to advancing renewable energy and storage projects across Europe, RPC has entrusted Ecovis with payroll responsibilities in Norway for the past two years. As an international company with a long-term ownership approach, RPC values the professionalism, timely delivery, and expertise consistently demonstrated by Ecovis. This acknowledgment underscores Ecovis as a trusted partner in supporting RPC's mission for a cleaner and greener future.

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