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How Webuild Onboarded Employees with ECOVIS

Ecovis Facilitates Seamless Onboarding for Webuild and SA.PI NOR Salini Impregilo - Pizzarotti at Vestfoldbanen Project

Efficient Workforce Onboarding: Ecovis Supports Webuild on Vestfoldbanen Project

ECOVIS played a crucial role in facilitating the onboarding process for Webuild S.P.A. and SA.PI NOR Salini Impregilo - Pizzarotti during the construction of double tracks at Vestfoldbanen (Nykirke - Barkåker). The services provided by ECOVIS included the registration of EU workers at the local police office, application assistance for work and residence permits for non-EU employees and their families, obtaining ID-numbers and tax deduction cards, handling immigration and registration matters for family members relocating to Norway with project employees, ensuring the validity of documents for Norwegian authorities, and providing ongoing support for the HR department throughout the project.

Webuild expressed appreciation for the efficient and knowledgeable services delivered by ECOVIS. The company sought a partner that could offer swift and secure guidance for employees registering in Norway, and ECOVIS demonstrated expertise in navigating Norwegian laws and regulations. Webuild recommends ECOVIS to other companies and institutions seeking reliable assistance in onboarding foreign employees and their families to Norway.

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