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VAT and tax advisory

VAT and tax experts in Norway

Expert VAT and Tax Advisory Services for Foreign Entities in Norway

Navigating the intricacies of tax compliance in a foreign country can be a complex journey for businesses. At Ecovis Norway, we stand ready to assist you with comprehensive VAT representation, tax advisory services, excise duties, and project compliance.

Why Choose Ecovis for VAT and Tax Advisory?

Specialized Assistance:Our team provides targeted assistance in areas such as VAT representation, tax compliance, excise duties, and project compliance, ensuring that your business stays on the right side of Norwegian tax regulations.

In-Depth Experience:With years of experience, Ecovis has gained unique insights into the challenges faced by foreign entities in Norway. Our expertise allows us to offer end-to-end support, addressing all aspects of VAT and tax advisory.

VAT Compliance Solutions:

Construction/Installation Projects

  • Managing construction/installation projects in Norway involves navigating extensive regulations. Ecovis ensures your project's compliance with statutory requirements, covering aspects such as minimum wage, project reporting (RF-1198), and HSE-card. Check our Project Compliance Checklist for a comprehensive guide.

E-Commerce (VOEC)

  • Operating an online shop? Our simplified VAT scheme, VOEC, is tailored for foreign E-commerce companies, streamlining VAT handling for both companies and customers. Learn more about VAT on E-commerce here.

VAT Refund

  • If your company has no business activities in Norway, you may be eligible for a VAT refund on goods or services purchased in the country. Contact us for an evaluation.

Tax Compliance Services:

Permanent Establishment Consultation

  • Distinguishing between permanent establishment and non-permanent operation is critical for foreign businesses in Norway. Our consultation services help you understand and address this issue early on, avoiding potential tax complications.

Excise Duties Management

  • Depending on your business nature, handling excise duties like Air Passenger Tax and Mineral Product Tax might be necessary. We assist with timely registration and reporting for companies obligated to manage excise duties.

Personal Tax Return Assistance

  • Sending employees to Norway may trigger personal tax return obligations. Our team ensures compliance with progressive tax rates and provides support for claiming available deductions. For longer stays, we help identify global tax obligations to prevent double taxation.

Watch Our Video: Registrations in Norway

For a detailed understanding of our Corporate Tax Return services, explore our offerings in Accounting Services.

At Ecovis Norway, we are dedicated to simplifying tax complexities, ensuring your business thrives in Norway's dynamic regulatory landscape. Contact us today for tailored VAT and tax advisory solutions.

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