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Legal Services in Norway

Comprehensive Legal Expertise with Ecovis in Norway

At Ecovis Norway, we go beyond traditional services, offering a spectrum of legal expertise tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our legal team, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in corporate law, tax law, labor law, and contract law. Whether you're establishing a presence in Norway or navigating complex legal scenarios, we're here to provide you with strategic legal solutions.

Why Choose Ecovis for Legal Services?

Multifaceted Approach:Ecovis is your one-stop destination for comprehensive business solutions. Beyond legal services, we offer accounting, tax, establishment, and global mobility services.

In-Depth Legal Understanding:Our legal experts possess extensive experience assisting foreign clients, ensuring a nuanced understanding of Norway's intricate tax, regulatory, and commercial laws.

Tailored Legal Solutions in Norway:

Company Law/Corporate Tax Law

  1. From choosing the right corporate entity to mergers and demergers, our legal team specializes in various aspects of company law and corporate tax law.
  2. Services include corporate tax planning, value-added tax, excise duties, transfer pricing advisory, and next-generation transitions and planning.

Establishment in Norway and Abroad

  1. We guide you through the establishment process, offering insights into the legal landscape in Norway and abroad.
  2. Our expertise extends to due diligence, share-based award schemes, joint ventures, and transfer of undertakings.

Employment Law

  1. Our legal team navigates employment complexities, addressing issues such as employment agreements, restructuring, non-compete clauses, and pensions.
  2. We provide comprehensive services related to personal data treatment, harassment, whistleblowing, and discrimination.

Taxation of Individuals/Personal Tax

  1. Assistance with employee tax returns, personal tax planning, and advisory on tax treaties and social security.
  2. Tailoring beneficial salary packages, applications for social security, and handling administrative complaints and litigation.

Other Legal Areas

  1. Extensive support in contract law, company law, tort law, right of compensation, and litigation.
  2. We tailor legal strategies to address the unique challenges and opportunities in your business landscape.

Connect with Our Legal Team:

Feel free to contact us now to connect with our legal team. Our specialists are ready to provide swift and effective legal services, aligning with your unique requirements.

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