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Accounting in Norway

Accounting and Annual Reconciliation

Expert Accounting Services for International Clients in Norway

When it comes to managing your financial tasks in Norway, trust the expertise of Ecovis Norway. As a leading global consulting firm with almost 8,500 professionals operating in nearly 80 countries, Ecovis brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge to assist international clients with their accounting needs.

Why Choose Ecovis for Accounting Services?

Global Expertise, Local Insight:Ecovis, with its global presence, specializes in tax consultation and compliance. Our local consultants in Norway provide personalized guidance, navigating the complexities of Norwegian accounting with precision.

Comprehensive Accounting Solutions:From project compliance to annual accounts, we offer a range of accounting services to ensure your financial compliance and success in the Norwegian market.

Navigating the Norwegian Accounting Landscape:

When Do You Need an Accountant?

  1. If you're planning to establish a permanent presence in Norway, your company becomes liable for company taxation. Our local Ecovis consultants can guide you through the process of filing tax declarations and annual accounts.

Important Accounting Deadlines

  1. Stay informed about critical deadlines for filing accounting reports, including annual shareholder updates, VAT returns, annual tax declarations, and annual accounts. Our team ensures timely and accurate submissions to the authorities.

          Key Deadlines

  1. Annual Shareholder Update: Before January 31st annually
  2. VAT Returns: Bimonthly, starting February 10th for Nov/Dec of the previous year
  3. Annual Tax Declaration: Before May 31st annually
  4. Annual Accounts: Before July 31st annually
  5. Click here for a comprehensive list of all deadlines.

Streamlined Compliance with Ecovis

  1. Using Ecovis to assist your company in communication and filings with the Norwegian Tax Authorities ensures compliance. This allows you to focus on operating your business in Norway, leaving the paperwork to our dedicated team.

Additional Services

  1. Our team can extend support beyond accounting, assisting with payroll and VAT requirements. This integrated approach simplifies your financial management.

Contact Us for Tailored Accounting Solutions:

Ready to receive expert assistance for your accounting needs in Norway? Contact us today. Our team at Ecovis is here to provide information and customized solutions to support your company's success.

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