Work permit to Norway

Discover the streamlined process of applying for a work permit in Norway with This short article offers a quick guide, outlining essential documentation, eligibility criteria, and key steps. Whether you're an expat or an employer, trust for a smooth journey through Norway's work permit application process

Norway is a popular destination for work immigration due to a strong economy, a stable political environment and investments in projects. Private companies and public offices face an increased demand for digitalization and effectivisation of processes, and combined with large investments in infrastructure and data centers a wide range of international professional are wanted to Norway.

How to apply for work permit to Norway

The initial starting point to apply for a work permit to Norway, is to have a job offer. EU/EEA nationals can work in Norway for 3 months without registering, but all non-EU nationals have to register and apply for a work permit from day one. What type of residence permit you apply for depends on the competence level and the type of work you will do. ECOVIS in Norway are experts in assisting skilled workers with higher education and a job offer to apply for work permit. UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) has made a list of requirements that skilled workers must comply with to come to Norway, and you may find this list here.

If you already have a job offer, ECOVIS will follow this process to assist you apply for a work permit:

  • Gather necessary documents, such as a passport copy, CV, Power of Attorney, School diploma and work contract.
  • Ecovis register, finalize and submit the application to UDI to start the actual process towards the authorities.
  • Wait for UDI to handle the case
  • Schedule an appointment at the Police and Tax Administration
  • Apply for residence card
  • Receive a valid work permit and a residence card

For those who have a valid job offer as a consultant, ECOVIS might also facilitate the employment through our umbrella solution.

Feel free to contact us with any question you might have about work permit applications for skilled workers.