Fast Track Employment in Norway

ECOVIS is now offering a Fast Track solutions for work permits to Norway by initiating an application to local police for early employment. Learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Enabling clients to successfully Fast Track employment for NON-EU nationals in Norway


At ECOVIS, we understand that time is of the essence, especially when it comes to international talent seeking employment opportunities in Norway. Our commitment to providing comprehensive and efficient services to our clients has led to ECOVIS providing a FAST TRACK scheme allowing highly skilled NON-EU nationals start their employment in Norway during the processing time of the actual application for work & residence permit.

Enabling the possibility of early employment start

Embarkingon a journey to work in a new country is an exciting prospect, but the bureaucratic hurdles of securing a work permit can often be time-consuming. ECOVIS is here to revolutionize this process by offering individuals the chance to start working via the early employment scheme. This enables the highly skilled employees to work with authorization from Norwegian authorities despite being in the process of applying for an actual work & residence permit.


How it works

Parallel Application Process:

ECOVIS initiates an application to local police for early employment in the police district the employee will work.

Police Approval:

By collaborating closely with the Police, ECOVIS ensures that applicants receive the necessary authorization to work in Norway while their regular application for work permit to Norway are being processed by UDI.

Obtaining a d-number and tax deduction card:

ECOVIS assists each employee with obtaining a temporary d-number and tax deduction card for payment of salary, obtaining HSE-card for construction site etc.


Key Advantages for Individuals and Employers

Minimized Waiting Periods:

ECOVIS significantly reduces the processing time associated with work permit processing, allowing employees to start their assignment swiftly.

Enhanced Recruitment Flexibility:

Employers benefit from increased flexibility in recruitment with the possibility to attract individuals from all over the world, gaining access to skilled professionals while ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

Smooth Onboarding Process:

Individuals experience a smoother onboarding process, with the opportunity to integrate into their new work environments without unnecessary delays.


Our Commitment to Efficiency and Compliance

At ECOVIS, we prioritize both efficiency and compliance. Our Global Mobility department tailor its services to align with Norwegian immigration regulations, ensuring that early employment is facilitated within the legal framework.


Getting Started with ECOVIS

If you are an employer looking to streamline your recruitment process or an individual eager to commence your professional journey in Norway promptly, ECOVIS provides the solution you've been waiting for.

Contact us today to explore how our pioneering approach to early employment can benefit you. At ECOVIS, we are dedicated to making your transition into the Norwegian workforce as smooth and efficient as possible.


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